“You’re a great writer.”  Those were the words I remembered from the critique of my 3rd grade english teacher discussing my first fictional essay.  “I could do better I thought”, almost as soon as I finished it.  It was a funny little story about a creature living 1000 ft. under the sea.  (why 1000 ft.? I have no idea… probably because I didn’t know about leagues yet and one-thousand was the highest number I knew how to spell (correctly)). As soon as I was done I began critiquing every little part.  Every sentence had to be perfect and little did I know how much a challenge lay ahead.

I was frustrated.  I had the entire english language at my disposal yet continually struggled to find the right ‘symbols’(aka ‘words’) to convey what I truly meant.  I knew little of how imperfect language was then and thus how ultimately communication can be.  So… I put writing on the back-burner.  I loved sports, and doing things (instant feedback loops) more than conquering something that seemed at the time very time-consuming and tedious.  My perfectionist mentality was a bad mix and it pushed me away from something I think I could maybe grow to love.

As I have decided to start writing again (in the midst of social media overload) I can’t help but feel the same bit of anguish I had as a child.  Ultimately the idea is just to tell a story. A story that hopefully does captivate you, inspire you or ‘touch’ you.  A good story draws you into a different world… A world  that maybe you’re not so used to and then shoots you back to your reality anew.  While it may take me sometime to find my way, I am certain that for me… ‘writing’ is a creative outlet worth exploring.