Wow! Hard to make time to post when you have something like an Oculus Rift in your life. This is day one for the future of virtual reality and being a developer is something I’m definitely taking seriously. I’ve had experiences and went places already that have completely convinced me of the entire medium and it’s just beginning.

See the thing is the people who build these types of things don’t just stop. Palmer Lucky and his team are not going to stop chasing higher resolutions, lower latency’s and better overall immersion. They won’t stop until we at least hit that uncanny valley in which your retina cannot discern the difference between the fake and the real. At that point virtual reality will have undeniable opportunities and ramifications across society.

Just as with any new technology, there will be different stages of growth. The thing about VR, is that when it’s become refined… when it has an app store and market mass appeal, the implications seem almost exponential.