Development has begun! I’ve officially activated my 4 month Unity Pro trial (Gratis Oculus VR) and I’ve already made some strides. My goal is to turn out a viable Rift project within my 4 month time crunch. I love being under the gun and this is the perfect opportunity to see what I can do with an arbitrary time-frame and nothing to fear. I’m in this field because I love it and this opportunity will hopefully push me once again outside of my comfort zone… An area I’m becoming more and more familiar with each time I take on a project with no prior knowledge to rely on.

I really believe in Virtual Reality and it’s ability to convey thought, expression and idea better than other mediums. When you are there, standing in a world, looking through the eyes of a specific character, our ability feel what someone else is going through comes alive. Imagine playing a basketball game, where you can choose to play at a particular vantage point or through the eyes of a particular player. With the click of a button you could zoom to and from specific players on your team instantly taking over their specific height, characteristics and attributes. The game would take on new meaning as you light up your opponent with the specific traits of your favorite star.

I’ll be holding a focus group soon to take ideas on what I should try and develop. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming project.