officially a vr developer

It’s happened, the switch has been made.  I’m officially a Virtual Reality developer.  No longer am I just sitting and enjoying the view from the sidelines, I’m creating the view it’s self.  It’s wild to feel completely at home yet completely lost in a new industry.  I’ve been waiting for VR to get started all of my life and now that it’s finally here, it’s a bit nerve racking.
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a new beginning

Development has begun! I’ve officially activated my 4 month Unity Pro trial (Gratis Oculus VR) and I’ve already made some strides. My goal is to turn out a viable Rift project within my 4 month time crunch. I love being under the gun and this is the perfect opportunity to see what I can do with an arbitrary time-frame and nothing to fear. I’m in this field because I love it and this opportunity will hopefully push me once again outside of my comfort zone… An area I’m becoming more and more familiar with each time I take on a project with no prior knowledge to rely on.
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Oculus Rift Crystal Cove Prototype CES 2014


The Crystal Cove Prototype unveiled at this year’s CES was mostly everything I was hoping for.  Improved resolution, lower latency, decreased motion blur through a tech their coining “Persistence of Vision”, positional tracking and a nice new OLED screen.  The leap Oculus has made in such a short time from the DK1 is very promising and they are really taking care of the major hurdles needed for mass adoption.

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Another busy year


It’s not that I like to work. It’s that, I find what I’m working on is so exciting… I don’t define it as “work”.  This is something I do because I can and I want to.  I have to do this because I refuse to ignore technological advancements such as this, I’ll regret it.

More updates to come, this blog needs a complete overhaul and I’m working to put together a game plan for that soon.  VR and 3D printing maybe the most exciting technologies to happen to recent memory but having spent real time with both, I can tell you it’s everything the hyperbole suggest.