writing again

“You’re a great writer.”  Those were the words I remembered from the critique of my 3rd grade english teacher discussing my first fictional essay.  “I could do better I thought”, almost as soon as I finished it.  It was a funny little story about a creature living 1000 ft. under the sea.  (why 1000 ft.? I have no idea… probably because I didn’t know about leagues yet and one-thousand was the highest number I knew how to spell (correctly)). As soon as I was done I began critiquing every little part.  Every sentence had to be perfect and little did I know how much a challenge lay ahead.
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web design done

Finally had time to put together a site I could be proud of… A simplistic site that is client focused and where the work is at the forefront. I’m also just excited to finally run a site of my own, something I can always escape to and share thoughts, ideas and inspirations. I look forward to many more posts!