Web Projects, 3D Printing, VR Development.  It can all get a little overwhelming at times.  I haven’t had much time to sleep, or work on my internal marketing etc…  but I am doing some of the best work of my life.  I just have to continue to try find the right balance.

Unreal Engine 4 is amazing and I am planning on using it for several new projects for VR.  Iron Man MK2 should be right around the corner and am really exciting about integrating flying and other new mechanics.  In my downtime I’ve actually modeled a pretty sweet Space Elevator that I am working on for my next big project.  That one will be more geared towards education…stay tuned!

The presentations I gave on 3D Printing and Virtual Reality have been a really positive experience.  I am definitely going to be continuing that effort to try and improve my presentation skills so I can communicate this technology effectively.

This really has been an amazing year thus far and I really can’t wait to get all the projects I’ve been working on out and into the public eye.  Hopefully it will be sooner… than later.