Web Development

I work directly with clients to create rich and engaging websites that speak directly to their target audience. Through a wide range of disciplines I focus on building sites that capture your attention and beg you to take a second look.

Identity & Logo

Who you are as a company defines every other process within your business. Why shouldn’t your logo reflect exactly what that is? Not only is it a beacon for others to find you but an underlying foundation for your business to build.

Graphic Design

Delivering the message. You should strive for custom designed graphics (or  infographics) that capture the essence of your message and clearly communicates that to your audience. The personal touch always comes across if you can be consistent with your intent.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc… How do these social media outlets fit in your business model? Do they at all? I’ll help you figure that out and show you the processes that actually work.

Motion & Video

New content for Imagine Industries is currently in production.

Market Research

An important and neglected facet of any project is the effort that goes into understanding your market and how you can position yourself for natural success.