It’s happened, the switch has been made.  I’m officially a Virtual Reality developer.  No longer am I just sitting and enjoying the view from the sidelines, I’m creating the view it’s self.  It’s wild to feel completely at home yet completely lost in a new industry.  I’ve been waiting for VR to get started all of my life and now that it’s finally here, it’s a bit nerve racking.

What will be that first killer app?  What will be the experience that changes the world and no one saw coming?  Will it be something like the gender swap project?  I put new people in Rift Coaster all of the time and people still put up their arms for the drop.  So many experiences and we are just warming up.

I began work on my first project just this past weekend and I really exceeded even my own expectations.  So far that I definitely plan to distribute it for free eventually on all platforms I can, but I do want to make some more final tweaks to really create the best experience.  This medium allows for certain dreams to be realized, let’s just say my first project does just that.  Well maybe at least for me.