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An Introduction to Cyman

This amazing personal assistant being developed by Ugo Ano for both Android and in a free Chrome extension is a must try!

Please join our Google+ community to be apart of it’s future development.

If your looking for a voice close to J.A.R.V.I.S. on mac I’ve found that these settings work best…

If you do not see ‘Daniel’ in your list choose customize from the ‘System Voice’ and add a check mark next to Daniel.  OSX should now download the voice (this will take a few min) and then you can select him from the options.


Command List (Updated July 22, 2013):


“Wake me up”

“Tell me a joke”

“Remember to tell me a joke tomorrow…”

“What is on my to do list?”

“How old is Neil Armstrong?”

“When is Mothers Day”?

“Is there any news on Google Glass?”…

“Remind Me”

“Remember to”

“Set a reminder for June 25th….”

“Remind me to take the trash out at 8pm”

“Remind me to book my iron man tickets tonight”

“When is the iron man event?”

“Set my alarm news feed to technology…”

“Cancel the first event”

“Remind me to …. everyday at 10pm”

“What is on my agenda today”

“My settings”

“Find the nearest Pizza Hut”

“Find me the nearest Chinese restaurant” (google maps search)

“What does a lug nut wrench look like?”

“What does a cheetah look like”? (google image search)

“Get news about technology…”

“Search for nearby movies”…

“Search for movies in Tallahassee…” (google search)

“Search YouTube for Iron man trailers”

“Open apple trailers”

“Open IMDB”

“Close this tab”

“Close this window”

“Translate Jarvis is the best A.I. in spanish”

“I need to buy apples” (adds to shopping list)