prototype failure

I’ve been working on a wallet model design now for awhile. (MK23…) Been pretty excited about it’s development.  It’s hinge is industrial quality and that excites me.  It prints together as one and is made in america. I will continue to refine it until perfection but it has now affected my life.

I went out to a usual Friday night spot, a familiar place with pictures of local celebrities with signed bathroom stalls with funny jokes.  When I arrived I realized my 3D printed wallet had lost the main thing it was made to protect.  My I.D.  It’s sole purpose is to be a go to wallet for outings and events.  Slim, light, break-proof and secure.  When a V.I.P. asked me for my last 3D printed biz card, there was no tension to hold my I.D. in place.  It was loose, I should have noticed, but my future customers will not care.  If it looses their I.D., I will be to blame.

Moments like this infuriate me, yet also excite me.  I know it’s moments like this that can evoke action.  Action that creates change and change that moves the world.  3D printing is no joke, not only do you have the ability to create but the ability to fail.  Build it wrong, it will show you why…  Build it bigger, lighter, smaller, stronger…  they all have their repercussions.

At the end of the day I just want to build it right.  A way in which I could show my future son/daughter and be proud that it’s something worth passing on to them.  Something while small, I obviously cared about and put time and effort into making it right. It’s the personal insights, those moments that cause real introspection that have always made the difference to me.  Hopefully this is one, while small, will eventually add up to make all of the difference.



can’t wait for DK2

My DK1 has probably been the single best piece of hardware I have purchased.  Not only because it actually for me lived up to the hype but it represented the culmination of so many great things that helped make it possible. Computers, Displays, Transistors, Video Games, Personal Gaming Devices, Sensors, Tracking, 3D and so many countless others…

The DK2 is right around the corner and I have some amazing ideas and now talent around me to pull off some amazing things for VR.  Hopefully I’ll be able to order my DK2 soon, Space Elevators, Iron Man MK2 (Flying) and so many other projects can’t wait.  2014 has been an amazing year thus far, I’m very thankful and grateful for all that I have.