basecamp redesign : just an idea

I’ve been using Basecamp for sometime now…  ever since the days it looked pretty much like this.

It was pretty boring but very clear and logical.  The styling options were fairly limited and customization options were sparse.  It was very clear that 37 Signals took a no frills approach to design and believed the how it worked reigned supreme.  Overall the user interface gave me the impression that it was designed to be simple.  Step forward a few years and the guys from 37 Signals have revamped the entire system with what they’re basically calling version 2.0.

As an avid user of Basecamp, I began wondering how I would envision the dashboard and I came up with this design.

The new dashboard could just consist of rows that are easy to title and you can add as many to each row as you wanted. They could be scrollable as well. The latest item uploaded, changed, edited ect would be displayed in real time under that project. Below, a real-time scrolling timeline feed could progress as items are being uploaded, edited, updated etc.  I’ve sent my design into 37 Signals just in hope that maybe a couple of the ideas stick.  I really feel a more immersive an attractive dashboard is needed to keep customers from looking at other options.  For now we will just have to wait and see.



web design done

Finally had time to put together a site I could be proud of… A simplistic site that is client focused and where the work is at the forefront. I’m also just excited to finally run a site of my own, something I can always escape to and share thoughts, ideas and inspirations. I look forward to many more posts!